One fine evening, I sat with much relaxation realizing it is an off day tomorrow for me. My sister was in town for her vacation. We had been planning an outing a sister-sister trip to someplace before she go back. Our trip plan didn’t work out as I was busy with work even on off days. So I went to her and shared my idea of going on a one day trip to some remote place. We shared the same vibe for unplanned trips hence she said yes right away! J . It was nearly summer and the place got super-hot by noon. We needed to escape to somewhere that’s windy and cool.

We scrolled through google and saw an amazingly cheap offer by a resort named Paradise which said one day stay for a cut-price. We realized it is perfect for a one day round trip. On making the bookings, we packed our bags, happy and excited! The next day morning, our dad dropped us at the bus station and we got on a bus to Kumarakom Kottayam. We arrived to a huge gateway with huge palms on both sides. We walked down the way amidst those tall greenscape. The volunteers welcomed us with an earthen pot of garden fresh juice. They showed us the way to a tent pitched under a mango tree on the bank of Vembanad Lake. We sat there for some time to loosen up a bit from the long journey. After a while we headed to the pool and dived in like ducklings! Hihi :P swimming and floating in the pool that seems to stretch over to the lake was a cool experience.

Interrupting our water stunts, a lovely lady came near us to accompany us to the dining area. Then only we realized it was already past lunch time.

Paradise oottupura was a huge traditionally designed place with wooden tables and chairs. We took a seat next to the window facing the lake and ordered chicken curry meals that came with beautiful semi gravy chicken curry and traditional Kerala dishes like aviyal, sambar, kaalan, and pappadam and finally the payasam.

We ate our heart and tummy out: P and took a nap in one of the hammocks. The stroke of Kuttanadan breeze was more than enough for us to doze off. Later that evening, we went to take a stroll within the compound exploring the neighbourhood. The beauty and grandeur of the traditional constructs were mesmerizing to watch. We sat on the veranda talking and a staff came to invite us for tea. Time was in a hurry that day I guess, it was time for us to pack our bags. After a sumptuous snack we bid our goodbyes to the resort and the lovely people there, taking with us a peaceful memory of the stay and the remarkable cuisines!

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