HERITAGE: A look at Kerala Heritage

Heritage we come across that word everywhere. We know to some extend what heritage means. But we have no clear idea as to what exactly it means. So in simple words heritage means something that belongs to the culture of the society that was created in the past.

With tourism considered a reliable source of revenue for the state as well as the country, promoting heritage falls into the classification of heritage tourism. Heritage tourism has a positive economic and social impact by preserving and marketing the culture and heritage of a particular place simultaneously.

Another bright side of heritage tourism includes sustainable development. Heritage tourism helps in conserving the cultural resources by keeping an accurate interpretation of resources and provides authentic visitor experiences thereby stimulate earnings from cultural resources.

Generally, buildings or places that were built prior to 1940s are listed heritages. As Kerala was a princely state we have such elements in riches. Most of these palaces and forts are now converted into heritage resorts and Palace hotels. Hence provides the best resorts in Kerala.

Kerala heritage tourism involves visiting historical or industrial sites that include old palaces, forts, religious centers etc. we have abundant historical elements to cherish here.

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